About Khaleej

“Khaleej” meaning the Gulf signifying a Centre for trade for thousands of years, a road filled with caravans that introduced innovation, fashion and taste from where the sun rises to where it sets and back again. A meeting of tides through time on a Maritime stop between East and West, a global connection for hundreds of languages, cultures and traditions, a market that brought together the scents of spices, the touch of silks and refined fayres.

Khaleej.com has been operating since 1999 and primarily partners with international management consultancies & technical solution companies to provide innovative products and value add solutions to businesses throughout the GCC.

Our experience covers a number of sectors:

  • Management Consulting
  • Military Defence Systems (Anti-Drone)
  • Oil & Gas Farm-Out Investment
  • Thermal Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Media Consultancy

Khaleej builds on our strategic partnerships, regional knowledge, expertise and customer understanding.

Khaleej prides itself on always providing value and never compromising on quality and efficiency. The company consistently promotes new innovations to meet growing demands and opportunities, and is committed to providing world-class products, services and solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

Khaleej works both directly with end-clients as well as business development on behalf of our strategic partners, depending on their local requirements.

Founder & CEO

Ziad Al Askari

Khaleej CEO, Ziad Al Askari, is also currently President & COO of UTS (www.uts.ae) and sits on the below boards:

  • OCS emirates a facility management JV in the UAE (Chairman)
  • Khaleej Carrier the leading HVAC JV in the UAE (Executive Director)
  • 2Getthere LLC an Advanced Mobility solutions company based in Holland (Executive Director)
  • Takyeef an HVAC factory based in the UAE with global sales (Vice Chairman)